Born and raised in Berlin Germany and now been living in Los Angeles for about the last two years.


How i began tattooing

While growing up, beeing surrounded by graffity artists inspired me to get more and more involved with all kinds of art. After high school I went to study graphic design at the famous Lette Verein Berlin, which was a great foundation for my skill set that I am offering today. I always have been pursuing fine art, illustration, classical drawing and painting.  After buying my first tattoo machine starter as a kid I started tattooing friends at home for some initial experience. Shortly after, I started my first apprenticeship in Berlin.

Tattooing had been taking a hold of me and would never let me go. I kept learning and developing my skill set which I still do till this day. Some of my first work started with some neo-traditional and realism and a lots of color work. Later I was getting more into line-work technics and dot work. I also love modern tribal works such as pattern work, (also known as blackwork) but also find myself doing a lot of black and grey illustrative work. After guest-spotting through Germany and other parts of Europe I made my way to San Diego where I guest-spotted through well known tattoo shops.

Eventually, my passions lead me to Los Angeles where I first worked at the famous Alchemy Tattoo for a period of 3 years before opening up my own tattoo studio in West Hollywood. I consider myself lucky to have found a home where I will be taking myself and my craft to the next level.

Art is not what you see but what you make others see...
— Edgar Degas

I love creating life-like structure and vibes which immediately transfers to the viewer. At the same time, I take care in my work, so that the tattoos have longevity. I love organically floral and animal works. I believe that for every piece I make there is a perfect position which makes the tattoo anatomically drawn to a natural part of the body. I always use only the best tattoo products and equipment there is to provide the best quality the world of tattooing has to offer.